Client Preparation Information

Proposed Insured (Client)

As part of your insurance application a series of medical questions and/or procedures is required by your Insurance Company.

This is not unusual or limited to just the insurance company through whom you have applied. Today most insurance companies require a paramedical company such as APPS Paramedical Services to arrange for a paramedical examiner and sometimes a physician or hospital/clinic to obtain the necessary information and or samples for testing to complete the underwriting process.

Your agent may have informed you of some of these requirements and the examiner who calls to schedule an appointment will explain in more detail exactly what is required, approximately how long it will take and how to prepare for the exam.

If you have your medical history information written down or readily available the exam will go much faster and more smoothly.

Sometimes the agent may ask some medical questions that the examiner may ask again if a paramedical or medical exam is required. In essence you may be giving the same information over again to the examiner regarding your medical history. This is necessary as our trained medical professionals may obtain more details about your medical history that will help the underwriter facilitate the application process.

Suggestions you should follow when talking with the client.

we have listed a brief explanation of the three most common requirements that may be needed to complete your application process. If you have been told that what is required is not listed here please call the APPS office in your State for further information.

Most Common Requirements